Insurance for Not For Profit organisations.

We understand the unique exposures with not for profit organisations as the activities can extend to include fundraisers, events, donation collection, research, community care, education and more. We have a passion to work with not for profit associations as we believe their work can often go unrecognised. The risks to a not for profit organisation also differ in a way that you may engage in volunteers and/or have a management board to consider. We recognise ourselves as educated in this field and know that we can assist in arranging the appropriate insurance covers for your association.

We can help not for profit organisations such as Registered charities, Clubs and associations, Churches and Places of Worship, Community organisations, Cultural organisations, Family, health, and disability support groups, Crisis intervention organisations, Animal welfare societies, Sporting clubs, Social communities, Fundraisers, Youth clubs and Enthusiast groups with common interests.

Business Insurance
is a packaged insurance policy that can be tailored to cover the physical assets of a business such as building, contents and stock for events such as fire, flood, theft, electronic and/or machinery breakdown and business interruption.
Public & Products Liability Insurance
covers injury to third parties or damage to third party property in connection with the business activities.
Association Liability Insurance
is a combined Professional Indemnity & Management Liability Insurance policy designed for the unique risks that accompany an association or not for profit organisation.
Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance
covers volunteers in the event they suffered an accident whilst carrying out activities for your organisation.
Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance
covers motor vehicles used in connection with the organisation and includes Comprehensive, Third Party Property Damage and Third Party Fire & Theft, from a single vehicle to a fleet.
Corporate Travel Insurance
covers travel for business trips internationally, interstate and intrastate and can cover incidental private travel. Cover includes medical expenses, cancellations and more.

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